La Montecarlo, Rome

La Montecarlo

Don’t be put off by the menus in multiple languages, La Montecarlo more than lives up to its billing as a simple, no-frills venue near popular Piazza Navona serving up some of the best pizzas in Rome - at bargain prices. We started with a plate of Mixed Frieds (sharing one portion amongst three) – deep fried breaded or battered zucchini flower, potato croquette, ascolane stuffed olives and suppli (rice balls with tomato sauce), along with a serving of Little Fried Mozzarella. All of it was quite nice, the zucchini flower and stuffed olives the best, even if it wasn’t something I would choose to eat on any kind of a regular basis.

Mixed Frieds, Little Fried Mozzarella

For the main event, I ordered a Montecarlo, a wood oven baked, thin and crusty Roman-style (as opposed to the thicker, softer, Napoli-style) pizza topped with sausage, olives, onion, peppers, artichokes, egg and mushroom. It was yummy. In hindsight, I probably should have gone for a pizza with fewer toppings, or even just the standard margherita – the multitude of toppings on my pizza left the crust a little soggy and made me feel like I had missed out slightly on the complete crisp-crust Rome-style pizza experience. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed my pizza very much.


In a nutshell…
The perfect place for a quick bite – convenient location, friendly and fast service, very good local-style pizzas, low prices.


La Montecarlo
Vicolo Savelli, 13, Roma
+39 06 6861877
Average price: €10-€15


  1. I miss this place so much! We headed to Rome for our honeymoon and dined here twice - not sure where to find Roman style pizzas here in London!

  2. Yeah it was awesome! We wanted to go a second time but ran out of meals. Would be great if we had a place like this in London. If you find one please let me know!


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