Meals that blew me away in 2010

There are good meals, really good meals, great meals, and then there are the meals that simply blow you away. I had the great fortune of enjoying five meals in 2010 that did just that:

Cracco, Milan – Brilliantly imaginative, inventive, inspired combinations of unusual ingredients, flavours and textures. Each and every course of the ‘Creative Tasting Menu’ was a treat for the senses. Truly unique. Truly special. Carlo Cracco is a genius.


Shake Shack, New York – Perfectly cooked, succulent, delicious Black Angus beef; buttery, lightly grilled, feathery-soft potato buns; fresh lettuce and tomato; and the crowning glory – the special ShackSauce. The best burger. Ever. Their milk shakes were pretty awesome too.

Shake Shack

Morimoto, New York – Nobu is great, and remains a firm favourite of mine, but Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto takes modern fusion Japanese cuisine to a whole other level. The signature Toro Tartare was fantastic.


Sushi Dai, Tokyo – Stunningly fresh fish – the freshest you can get meant sushi breakfast here, reputedly the best of all the sushi bars at Tsukiji Market, was an experience never to forget.

Sushi Dai

Kyubey, Tokyo – The highest quality fish, amazingly-skilled chefs - masters of their craft, and a commitment to making the meal a special event for every single guest – this was a sublime sushi dinner for the ages.


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