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fish! at Borough Market, overlooking Southwark Cathedral, is a seafood restaurant (there were some appealing looking lobster-dishes being served to other tables) rather than a specialist fish & chips place. It does, however, have a dedicated fish & chips takeaway counter around the corner that it operates Tues-Sat, under a signboard proclaiming “Proper Fish & Chips” so it obviously professes to have a certain expertise in the matter.

fish! & chips w mushy peas

The full-glass construction that houses the restaurant made for a very pleasant, bright and airy setting, supposedly replicating the effect of being in a fish tank. Cod & chips, served with mushy peas, was £15.95, more than a tad on the expensive side - this was, as its website says, “Posh fish and chips” - higher prices, smaller servings, better presentation than your average chippie. As for the only difference that really matters, taste - it was good - lovely light and crisp batter, seriously fresh fish, non-greasy chunky chips and peas that were just the right level of mushiness.

In a nutshell…
Not quite the best fish & chips I've had in London - that remains Seafresh in Victoria, but not far off. And it has the added attraction of being open on Sundays, which can’t be said of so many of the other chippies out there. Loses points for being pricey.


fish! (Borough Market)
Cathedral Street, Borough Market, London, SE1 9AL
+44 (0)2074073803
Average Price: £20-£30

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