Seafresh, London

Since I was first introduced to Seafresh in Victoria a couple of years ago, I have considered it to be the best fish & chips in London. It had been a while since I last went, however, so the visit of friends from abroad afforded the perfect opportunity to reacquaint myself with the place, and to draw fresh comparisons with recent fish & chip meals at fish! and Masters Superfish.

Deep Fried Whitebait

We shared starters of Deep Fried Whitebait and Deep Fried Calamari. The whitebait was excellent, with a thin coating of beautifully light batter. The calamari was decent too (even if it didn’t look like much) but of the two, the whitebait was definitely the better.

Deep Fried Calamari

For my main, I had a Medium Cod & Chips, and we shared some mushy peas. The dish was, pleasingly, largely greaseless -  much better than at Masters, if not quite up to the level of fish!. The cod was also pretty fresh, again superior to Masters but inferior to fish!. The extra-crunchy batter at Masters is the best I have come across in London, and even from memory, I didn’t think Seafresh quite matched-up, an opinion that was confirmed today. To my surprise, however, I found myself favouring the batter at fish! over Seafresh too. Chips weren’t great at any of the three places, but were probably best, once again, at fish!. The peas at Seafresh were reasonably well done, far better than the overly mushy version at Masters, but not quite as good as the near-perfect rendition at fish!.

Medium Cod & Chips

It would seem, from these comparisons then, that I have done fish! at Borough Market a bit of a disservice with my recent review. As it turns out, the fish & chips at fish! in fact surpassed the offerings not only at Masters Superfish, but also at Seafresh, on just about every count. Even my gripe about the pricing at fish! holds rather less weight now given that a disappointingly small serving of Medium Cod & Chips at Seafresh was £10.75, with mushy peas having to be ordered separately.

In a nutshell…
Still a good, reliable, fish & chip meal but Seafresh has been knocked off its perch as my best fish & chips in London – that is now fish! at Borough Market.


80-81 Wilton Road, London, SW1V 1DL
+44 (0)2078280747
Average Price: £15-£20
Worth noting: Closed Sundays

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