Me Me, Fulham

Gỏi Cuốn– prawns summer rolls

My aversion to Pho the chain has been well-documented, and I have now sworn it off forever, even if the branch at Westfield in Shepherds Bush is just about the only place for one to get a bowl of Vietnam’s national dish in the western half of London. I was delighted, then, to read about a restaurant, just two tube stops away from me in Fulham, serving up some apparently good quality pho.

Pho with beef

I gave Me Me a try one sunny midsummer’s evening when, save for a big group celebrating a birthday, the restaurant was practically empty. Most reviews had praised the Pho here, but panned the other offerings. Nonetheless, I felt obliged to try a couple of other dishes, avoiding the menu’s many Chinese entries and opting for two traditional Vietnamese starters: Gi Cun– prawns summer rolls and Bánh xèo – golden pancake stuffed with bean sprouts, prawns and pork. The summer rolls had literally the thinnest slices of prawns possible, with cheaper crabstick used to make up the volume – I was not impressed. The pancake was crisp, but drenched in oil. Needless to say, neither was particularly successful. Never mind, as long as Me Me could dish up a decent bowl of Pho with beef, it would have me won over. It couldn’t. The beef was tender and of a reasonable quality, and the noodles the right kind (Pho take note!), but the broth was insipid and did not even remotely exhibit the depth of flavour it should. It was still better than Pho the chain, mind, but that’s saying nothing.

Bánh xèo – golden pancake stuffed with bean sprouts, prawns and pork

Fried coconut wrapped ice cream for dessert was absolutely horrid – ghastly, still rock hard vanilla ice cream, coated in a weird coconut flake batter and deep fried – ugh.

Fried coconut wrapped ice cream

In a nutshell...
If you are in west London and must have a bowl of pho, go to Me Me – it is better than Pho the chain, and just about passable. But after trying this Fulham establishment, my advice remains the same – suppress any craving, until you get out east. And if you do end up at Me Me, don’t order anything else on the menu besides the pho – you will almost certainly regret it.


Me Me
565 Fulham Road, London, SW6 1ES
+44 (0)2073811100
Average Price: £10-£20

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  1. Mien Tay. Clapham junction. South West. No need to go east, ever.

  2. I think you are very wrong about Me Me, the food there is nice and very tasteful, from the Goi salad to the Bun xa. I been eating here for about 2 year now and only once i had to send food back.Ok there is some chinese food on the Menu but every far east place do stir fry. I love vietnamese food, the clean taste it bring. The Pho here is very good equal maybe better then the east side of london, which you blogger seem to love so much:P Mien Tay is cheap and people go there for byo which is not a bad thing imho, but don't compare this to Me Me which is a favorite place to eat for a lote of locals here!

  3. Thanks for your comments Bunjay. It's always great to hear from readers, especially those with differing opinions.


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