Wafflemeister, London

Dream Team - Original waffle with Vanilla Bean gelato and a drizzle of hot dark Belgian chocolate fudge

You know that lovely smell of waffles at the entrance to the Bond Street tube station? Well Alexander Troullier is the man responsible for that lofty aroma, having founded that, and many other, Belgian Food Company stalls back in 1999. He then sold BFC, went to business school, and took up a job in finance, but has now returned to what he knows best in setting up Wafflemeister, which as you might surmise from the name, specialises in Belgian waffles. I went to the South Kensington outlet (there are also branches at Embankment and on Portobello Road), and had a Dream Team: Original waffle with Vanilla Bean gelato and a drizzle of hot dark Belgian chocolate fudge.

The first thing I noticed upon stepping into the Wafflemeister shop was the distinct lack of that familiar waft of waffles from the Bond Street tube station. Slightly disappointing, but never mind. My waffle was ready in a flash, and was rather enjoyable – waffles, ice cream and chocolate sauce rarely, if ever, aren’t; but I failed to see anything particularly outstanding about this waffle in particular. I would also have liked my waffle served much warmer than it was.


In a nutshell...
Nothing all that special, but not bad. I’d prefer a sweet crêpe from nearby Kensington Crêperie on most days, but Wafflemeister is a viable option for a change now and again. Troullier recently bought BFC back with the intention of converting all the BFC locations into Wafflemeister shops, so I suspect we’ll be seeing many more Wafflemeister outlets in the capital before long.


Wafflemeister (South Kensington)
26 Cromwell Place, London, SW7 2LD
+44 (0)2075844688
Average Price: £3

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