Pilpel, London


Pilpel was first opened in 2009 in Spitalfields by Uri Dinay, whose grandfather owned a falafel and hummous restaurant in Israel. Following the success of its first location, a second outlet recently debuted in Paternoster Square just a stone's throw from my place of work. A new weekday lunchtime option is always eagerly greeted (only for so many to then to prove themselves not worthy), and a similar welcome was thus afforded to Pilpel. I opted for a Falafel & guacamole: homous, guacamole, fresh salad & tahini + chilli sauce in a pita.

Falafel & guacamole - homous, guacamole, fresh salad & tahini   chilli sauce in a pita

The falafel was a bit denser, and on the whole just a little bit below the standard of the best versions I have discovered in London (Mr Falafel & Fala Fills), but was still a very good rendition. I was, at first, concerned that the pita would be a bit too thick, thus detracting from one's enjoyment of the falafels, but there was no such problem - it was actually very thin in the middle, and even the thicker edges were light and fluffy, yet made for a much more filling meal than your regular falafel wraps. The salad and guacamole was fine too. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the vessel, all the chilli sauce ended up right at the bottom, so I only got the kick right at the end.

In a nutshell...
There are (marginally) better falafels out there, but Pilpel's pita still ranks as a very enjoyable offering, and will certainly represent many a pleasing lunchtime meal for yours truly.


Pilpel (St. Paul’s)
Queens Head Passage, Paternoster Square, London
Average Price: £5

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