Honest Burgers, London

Honest Burgers

My burger quest continued at Honest Burgers, a tiny shack in Brixton Village, advocated by a friend (who, rather conveniently, happens to live in Brixton, and thinks that SW9 boasts not just the best burger in town, but also the best pizza, and best coffee, and best…the list goes on – yes I did have some reservations about the validity of the recommendation!), that has steadily been gathering a bit of a cult following.

I had a Cheese Burger: Beef, Red onion relish, cheddar and lettuce. The burger was very good – the patty, made from 35 day aged British Beef sourced from the Ginger Pig, was of a high quality, and well-cooked; the toasted glazed bun, if not quite the best, was certainly amongst the better ones I’ve come across and could not be faulted, and the onion relish was the icing on the cake – I always prefer a burger that has a bit of a sauce to enhance, and moisten things, and it did the job perfectly, even adding a lovely touch of sweetness.

Cheese Burger: Beef, Red onion relish, cheddar and lettuce; Triple-cooked chips

Now the all-important question – where does Honest Burgers rank in the pantheon of great London burgers? Well, I would definitely put it ahead of Bar Boulud and Goodman,  leaving Hawksmoor as its only real competition for top spot, with the caveat that the much talked about MEATliquor is still to be tested. I will be shortly be posting a list describing my favourite burgers in London. Whether Hawksmoor or Honest Burgers comes up tops will be revealed then...

The Triple-cooked chips that came with the burger, on the other hand, were, frankly, horrible – I am firmly of the belief that cooking chips three times is at least once too many, and I have yet to find a rendition to convince me otherwise – if nothing else, triple-cooking makes getting it right that much more challenging, and for my money is hardly worth the extra effort when twice-cooked, or even, banish the thought, just once-cooked chips, would do the job just fine - the version here was heavy, chewy, a little bit too burnt, and lacking totally in crispness; all potential pitfalls with triple-cooked chips. I was distinctly unimpressed, needless to say.

In a nutshell...
Definitely one of the top 2 burgers I have had in London. But is it the best? All will be revealed in a “my favourite burgers in London” post that will be hitting the blog shortly…


Honest Burgers
Unit 12, Brixton Village, London, SW9 8PR
+44 (0)7739182955
Average Price: £10
Worth noting: Closed Mondays

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  1. Glad to see this review, though your experience of the chips is unfortunate.

    MEATliqour is in another ballpark with the combo of fried pickles, chilli-fries, buffalo wings and a dead hippy hitting every spot a number of times over.

    Looking forward to reading how your opinion of the wider London burger scene shapes up!

  2. May there be many more SW9 postings to come!


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