Crème de la Crêpe, London

South Kensington is the Kensington Crêperie's turf. Has been since 2001. Everyone knows that. So Johnny-come-lately Crème de la Crêpe opening up just around the corner is either an incredibly ballsy, or an incredibly stupid move. Ordinarily, I would have dismissed it as the latter, and not even bothered giving it the time of day. But Crème de la Crêpe actually has a solid reputation, having started out as a stall at Borough Market, before moving onto the Covent Garden Night Market, then rapidly into a proper shop in Covent Garden.

I had a Crêpe Monsieur: free range smoked ham, mature cheddar cheese, English mustard mayonnaise and rocket, which was actually very nice; the crêpe thin and crisp, the filling good, and not excessive, ensuring the crust did not turn soggy at any point. For dessert, a Cheeky Monkey: nutella, banana was enjoyable too - the crêpe displaying the same crisp qualities as its savoury cousin; the familiar, if mass-market filling, taking care of itself.

In a nutshell...
I must confess, I was surprised to find a second, very viable, crepe outlet in South Kensington. It doesn't have quite the variety, or quality of ingredients, as Kensington Crêperie but had its more established counterpart not existed, I would (happily) be eating here all the time. As it is, Crème de la Crêpe stands just a notch below the old-timer.


Crème de la Crêpe
23 Cromwell Place, South Kensington, London, SW7 2JB
+44 (0)2075842976
Average Price: £5

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