JAKE’s Charbroil Steaks, Kuala Lumpur

Aust. Wagyu Rib-Eye (230 gms)

Steaks are served everywhere, from specialist steakhouses to fine dining restaurants, from pubs to even the office canteen on occasion. And yet finding a properly good steak is a mission and a half. I have had steak dinners across the globe, at all the supposed best steak restaurants in London, at the much lauded Striphouse in New York City, in Australia, at Michelin starred restaurants, at my local watering hole, and even at a Kobe steak joint in Tokyo. JAKE's, 10 minutes drive from my home in KL, remains the best steak I have ever had. I know, it sounds a trifle ridiculous that a neighbourhood joint in KL could be better than all these places (and I am always particularly suspicious when someone tells me their local anything is the best in the world - people have a tendency to overstate the quality of places they are familiar with close to home), but that's what my taste buds are telling me. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying JAKE's is the best steak in the world – I’d have (and very much intend) to try many more steaks in the US of A before I can even consider making a statement like that - but it is the best I've had till this point.

On my recent trip home a visit was, thus, high on the agenda. I started with the usual - Crispy potato skin (with crunchy vegetables, smoked beef & cheese), had to ask for extra sour cream, as always, and enjoyed it, as always. The main event, Aust. Wagyu Rib-Eye (230 gms), was tender, cooked perfectly medium rare, with a lovely charred taste, and seasoning that was spot-on. JAKE's struggles, at times, with bouts of inconsistency - my last time there a year ago was a relative disappointment, for example - but it was bang on the money this time.

In a nutshell...

The best steak I have encountered to-date anywhere in the world. One should note that there is a second branch of JAKE's in the Starhill Shopping Centre in the city, but it is nowhere near as good as the Medan Damansara original.


JAKE's Charbroil Steaks (Medan Damansara)
21 Jalan Setiapuspa, Medan Damansara, 50490, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Average Price: RM200

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