One man’s favourite fish & chips in London

Having eaten a fair number of fish & chip meals of late, and discovered a couple of very good places after years spent trying one highly-rated but very average chippie after another, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a summary of what I consider to be the best fish & chips in London. This page will have a permanent link in the right sidebar (along with other similarly themed posts I hope to roll out in the weeks to come) and be updated from time to time, should new information necessitate a re-jigging of the rankings. So without any further ado, allow me to introduce my favourite fish & chips in London...

1.) Geales
An old-fashioned fish & chip shop in Notting Hill gone upmarket, Geales isn't perfect - service was haphazard, chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce were just average, and prices were fairly steep, but all that is forgiven because its battered cod was simply the best, as were the delightfully moreish whitebait and calamari starters.


1.) Kerbisher & Malt
We have a joint first place because I simply cannot separate these two. Geales probably has the (very slightly) better battered cod, and the undoubtedly better whitebait starter, but K & M wins on value, service, and with the best chips on this list. So I'm sitting on the fence and declaring it a tie.

Kerbisher & Malt

3.) fish!
Located at the heart of Borough Market, in a bright and airy venue, fish! can lay claim to having the freshest fish, and the best, nearest-perfect, mushy peas of all the places I have tried. The golden chips were good too, bettered on this list only by K & M.


4.) Seafresh
For many years my favourite fish & chip restaurant in London, its ranking is not an indication of a drop in standards, but rather of recent, better discoveries. Nonetheless, still a good, reliable option.


5.) Golden Union
Conveniently located just off Oxford Street, this no-frills chippie does a very decent fried fish, with a batter similar in style, if not quite in quality, to K & M. Chips were a bit of a letdown, but the mushy peas and tartare sauce were excellent.

Golden Union

Also considered: Chip+Fish, Golden Hind, Masters Superfish, Rock & Sole Plaice, Seashell at 
                                    Lisson Grove
Still to try: Fisher's, Fryer's Delight, Randall & Aubin, Two Brothers Fish Restaurant

My favourite composite fish & chips in London
Battered fish: Geales
Chips: Kerbisher & Malt
Mushy peas: fish!
Tartare sauce: Golden Union

If I've missed off your favourite fish & chips place, let me know and I will give it a try!

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